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The SalesBoost Scoop - 2024 Q1 Recap

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SalesBoost is excited to bring you the latest 2024 Learning & Development Trends in Hospitality, where we dive into the top challenges and opportunities, with staffing being reported as the #1 challenge. Check out the insightful sessions led by hospitality leaders covering topics such as Women in Leadership, the State of the Hospitality Industry, and more! Explore strategies for enhancing operational efficiency, starting with your frontline team members.


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Leadership Insights: Dialogues with Hospitality Visionaries

Don't miss the latest in the SalesBoost webinar series, where industry experts from organizations such as Remington, IHG, Crescent, Driftwood, GF, Pyramid, and other thought leaders converge to share invaluable insights with their hospitality community. Explore discussions on DEI in hospitality with key takeaways to drive positive change, overcome the glass ceiling for women in leadership roles, and empower your entire team, learn perspectives on the current state of the hospitality industry with predictions on where the industry will be in 2024.

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Driving Revenue in a Competitive Market Women in Hospitality Leadership

State of the Hotel Industry Future of DEI in Hospitality


Unveiling: 2024's Hospitality Learning & Development Trends

L&D learning trendsAt SalesBoost, we remain committed to staying ahead of industry trends and empowering hospitality professionals through innovative learning and development strategies. We conducted a survey to uncover emerging trends for 2024. The findings reveal a strong emphasis on structured training programs to close skill gaps, retain talent, and meet budgetary goals. Explore how these trends are shaping the future of hospitality.

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Achieving Excellence: Elevating Your Frontline Team

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The Frontline Service Recovery Program saw remarkable results in elevating service standards and addressing immediate improvement needs. The dedicated efforts of this program resulted in a 21-point increase in Guest Satisfaction Scores within just 45 days. For those seeking to take their frontline service team to the next level, we also introduce our Optimizing Service Certification Program to empower team members with the skills and mindset to deliver exceptional service consistently.

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Skill Development: Achieving Skill Success

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In Q1 2024, the SalesBoost Community exemplified an extraordinary effort for knowledge and personal development. Throughout the hospitality industry, an impressive total of 4,975 skills were acquired, showcasing a deep commitment to skill refinement and growth. As we move forward, these acquired skills not only enhance individual capabilities but also contribute to fostering the vibrant spirit of hospitality within our community and across the industry.




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