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Finding time to invest in ourselves can be challenging with ever-busy days and to-do list to complete. Sometimes we only have 10 minutes in the day to squeeze in growth moments. Podcasts are a great opportunity to consume high-impact information on a limited schedule. Below are our top six favorite podcasts for personal growth or educational moments in a short format.


Life Kit

Produced by NPR, Life Kit’s motto is: “Everyone needs a little help being human.” The podcast is designed in a short format covering vast topics within life. Whether it is green cleaning hacks, parenting, or even how to set personal boundaries. There is an episode for everyone.

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Philosophize This!

Hosted by Stephen West, Philosophize This episode lengths vary however none go past the 45-minute mark. The podcast is designed in chronological order, therefore for optimal impact start with episode 1. As the title states, the podcast covers important philosophers and breaks down their ideologies. However, it goes further to cover the ethics of important change makers within our history.

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Meditation Life Skills

Meditation Life Skills is designed to bring mediation to anyone and everyone within a 3 to 5-minute format. The show offers episodes catered to kids for teaching mindfulness all the way up to seniors for improved memory. Additionally, they’re episodes that cover niche topics as well.

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Motivation Daily

Produced by Motiversity, this podcast is designed to motivate you no matter the time of day or where you’re at in life. Sometimes we need help getting motivated and it’s okay to admit that. Don’t judge yourself because it only holds you back. With a library of episodes, some segments are short others longer. Take the time to uplift yourself where you can because you are amazing.

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How To Start Over

Produced by The Atlantic and hosted by one of the staff writers Olga Khazan. The show covers topics about change within life and the defining moments that force us to analyze who we are, what we need, and how we start over. Sometimes knowing how to go forward after a difficult decision or life-altering scenario we feel lost. Change is hard and knows there are resources for you, you’re never alone.

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The Launchpad Podcast

Hosted by SalesBoost. The Launchpad is a series of enlightening interviews with a variety of subject matter experts speaking on topics ranging from the NeuroScience of Adult Learning, How to achieve Mindfulness and Intentional Living, Maximizing Your Strengths, Transformational Leadership, and much more. It's the perfect resource to learn a new skill or level up an existing skill!

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