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Wellness Wednesday Series: Winning Wednesday

WWS How To Win Everyday


“One part at a time, one day at a time, we can accomplish any goal we set for ourselves.” — Karen Casey

Sometimes it can be hard to feel like you’re winning. We might recap our day and think there is more still to complete, or I didn’t get this done, or I should have done that first. Then we judge ourselves and make promises to do more tomorrow when we already have so much to do. So, how do you win?


Remove Judgements

There is a difference between holding oneself accountable and judging ourselves. Accountability provides an opportunity to move forward through positivity in reaching our goals. Judgment continues to hold us back keeping with a stagnating process not allowing ourselves the possibility to change.

Instead of adding to your stress understand that there is every opportunity to create and stop holding yourself back.


Be Open to Learning

Being open to learning isn’t just about acquiring new knowledge or another way to complete a task. Open to learning encompasses being open to yourself. Free to allow yourself to evolve. As we move about life our habits change along with external forces coming into play. What does that mean you say? Part of living is being on an ever-growing path. Something will happen that forces change, or opportunity and we will have to create new habits to accommodate those changes. Then as time passes something new comes along, or what once worked no longer does so we must shift gears. Learning something new is a positive!


Speak Up

You know when you have that great idea or know how to solve an ever-continuous problem going on at work. Yet you’re not sure how a co-worker will take the idea or unsure if your boss will embrace it. That moment of clarity and nervousness at the same time. Push through and speak your truth with respectability. Don’t hold yourself back because that idea could be the moment that helps everyone and your audience.

“Breaking our silence is powerful. Whether it comes as a whisper or a squeak at first, allow that sense of spaciousness, of opening, allow yourself to trust the bottomlessness, and lean into the dark roar which will light up every cell."

-Lucy H. Pearce.

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