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How handwritten notes translate into sales

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When was the last time you received an actual handwritten thank you note from a friend or vendor? In today's technological world, the easiest thing to do is send a quick email or text. But taking the time to write a thank you note by hand gets you much further in the game.

People remember when you write them a note and drop it in the mail. They understand it takes time out of your day, and that you put some thought into it. The extra effort makes a positive impression and lets you stand out from your competition.

Here are a few tips for writing a thank you note:

  • Be prepared. Have a stack of cards on your desk with stamps ready to go. Set a goal of sending three to five handwritten notes each day.

  • Time is of the essence: Notecards should be sent within 24 hours after a meeting or event or if you are thanking the recipient for something specific. Make it a habit to send a handwritten thank you note after every meeting with a customer or prospect. Write the note before your next appointment. Drop your notes in the mail box at the end of the day.

  • Personalize. Use nice paper with your name and hotel name engraved in black ink, and use a conservative font. Your unique, personalized notes will send the message that you go the extra mile in everything you do.

  • Ping your network. Develop a correspondence schedule to ensure your customers, prospects, and professional network are "touched" several times each year. 

Handwritten notes do require extra effort and discipline (which is why so few people send them). However, with just a little extra effort, handwritten notes will help you connect with future prospects, strengthen your business network, and build stronger personal relationships.

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Blog by: Gretta Brooks on July 25, 2017
Gretta Brooks
Gretta Brooks, CEO & FounderGretta is a proven leader in the hospitality sales industry with 30+ years experience running three global sales organizations, leading award-winning hotel sales teams and earning numerous sales and service awards. She developed SalesBoost after years of searching for the most effective sales training for her sales teams and not finding it anywhere. She wanted training that would be interactive and fun, show immediate results, and give her team the ability to practice, practice, practice. With the idea in place, she brought together other experts to help create a comprehensive package that uniquely trains individuals through the entire sales process.