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How handwritten notes translate into sales



When was the last time you received handwritten thank you note from a friend or vendor?

It is certainly a lot easier to send an email. A text is even easier. However, taking the time to write a thank you note by hand gets you much further in the game. And, it’s a lot more likely to be kept than email.

People remember a note more than ever before. They understand it takes time out of your day, and that you were intentional and genuine in your thankfulness. The extra effort makes a positive impression and lets you stand out from your competition. Here are a few tips for writing a thank you note:

  • Preparation. Have a stack of cards on your desk with stamps ready to go. Set a goal of sending a note per week and try gradually increasing to writing one per day.
  • Timely. Timing is of the essence. Notecards should be sent within 24 hours after a meeting or event or if you are thanking the recipient for something specific. Make it a habit to send a handwritten thank you note after every meeting with a customer or prospect. Write the note before your next appointment. Drop your notes in the mailbox at the end of the day.
  • Personalize. Be as personal as possible. Did you find something in common or did you laugh over a story? Mention it! Or follow up about something they expressed interest in. “Looking forward to trying your famous lemon bars!”
  • Schedule. Develop a correspondence schedule to ensure your customers, prospects, and professional network are "touched" several times each year. 

George H.W. Bush, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Welch and many other titans of industry are known thank you note authors.

Handwritten notes do require extra effort and discipline (which is why so few people send them). However, with just a little extra effort, handwritten notes will help you connected with future prospects, strengthen your business network, and build stronger personal relationships.

So, when was the last time you received handwritten thank you note? What’s more important than the answer is that you probably still have it ;)


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Blog by: Gretta Brooks on May 09, 2018
Gretta Brooks
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