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How to Work a Room

Making the most of networking events

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Most people are uncomfortable walking into a room full of strangers. But networking at business events can help you grow your business and allow you to do hands-on marketing research. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of the events you attend:
  • Come prepared. Have business cards available, a possible list of people you want to see, and a full belly. You may be tempted to eat, but it is usually best to only carry a drink and not be juggling a plate of food.
  • Bring a set number of business cards, and be prepared to give them all out. In turn, try to acquire as many business cards as possible.
  • Establish a goal before the event. What is your purpose for attending the event? To meet people in general? To find a particular customer? To do some research? This will be your guide through the event and will help you stay focused.
  • Arrive early! This allows you to network with a smaller crowd and get more comfortable. Ask the host to introduce you to people if you aren't familiar with the group. Use the host as a resource!
  • When speaking with people, listen more than you talk. This is a great place to put your rapport-building skills to use!
  • After the event, follow up with those you received cards from. Write personalized "nice to meet you" cards after the event. This can go a long way with a potential client. And, this is a great time to ask clients and colleagues to connect with you on social media like LinkedIn.

Having a game plan before a networking event can make the event much more enjoyable and not so scary. Once you master these skills you will come to see networking events as fun and not a chore!

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Blog by: Gretta Brooks on May 30, 2017
Gretta Brooks
Gretta Brooks, CEO & FounderGretta is a proven leader in the hospitality sales industry with 30+ years experience running three global sales organizations, leading award-winning hotel sales teams and earning numerous sales and service awards. She developed SalesBoost after years of searching for the most effective sales training for her sales teams and not finding it anywhere. She wanted training that would be interactive and fun, show immediate results, and give her team the ability to practice, practice, practice. With the idea in place, she brought together other experts to help create a comprehensive package that uniquely trains individuals through the entire sales process.