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Imagine starting at a job where you quickly realize that there is no clear on-boarding or training plan and you must "figure it out" on your own. Or, you want to further develop and grow your career; however, there's no clear career path nor opportunity for growth. Sound familiar?

For those in the Hospitality Industry, and especially human resources, this is a reality they handle on a daily basis. The hospitality industry must appeal to top talent through training, leadership, and modern tools in order to grapple with a staggering 73.8% employee turnover rate. There exists a gap between what organizations and recruiters are seeking, and what prospects seek and expect from employers that contribute to high turnover. Human Resources professionals must achieve a careful balance of finding and attracting the right candidate with structure and leadership in order to mitigate turnover costs.

Professionals looking for work face unique challenges based on experience level, but good structure and management make jobs more attractive and can ease this anxiety. Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI) organized a round table of 19 top marketing executives and compiled a list of challenges they believe prospects face based on level of experience.


Veterans Rookies
  • Ability to develop broader skills in marketing, room management, and overall strategic selling skills
  • Balancing their time
  • Non-selling duties – effectively managing administrative tasks
  • Adapting to technology & the pace of business
  • Keeping them engaged and recognizing their contributions
  • Ramp up time
  • Cost
  • Team acceptance
  • Translation of hotel terms
  • On-boarding process
  • Lack of patience – theirs and ours


Statistics indicate that companies who have a good structure and leadership in place to help prospects overcome these hurdles will reap the benefits. Employees want to stick with a company, but they need structure and good leadership from management.

  • 90% of Millennials want to grow their careers with their current companies
  • 91% of employees stick around for at least a year at a new company, and 69% of them stick around for at least 3 years if the company has a well-structured on-boarding program


However, organizations that do not have these systems in place will be unable to hold on to the recruits they hire. This is especially crucial when putting together a leadership team.

  • Nearly half of employees said they’ve quit a job because of a bad manager
  • 56% think managers are promoted prematurely
  • 60% think managers need managerial training


Smart organizations are taking steps to attract top talent with unique skill sets, but employers need to be thoughtful because of turnover costs. HSMAI also identified these unique strengths prospective new hires can bring to the table based on experience. Organizations should take care to see which skill set fills their needs best.

Veterans Rookies
  • Competitive
  • Positive attitude
  • Extreme creativity
  • Ability to network
  • Knowledge of the business and understanding of it
  • Ability to develop new skills
  • Experience with different economic cycles
  • Positive attitude
  • Energetic & hungry for business
  • Teachable & open minded
  • Willing to learn
  • Hungry to succeed


Employers need to attract this kind of top talent by providing structure, such as using technology to provide a consistent structure. “To overcome technology gaps, employers said they plan to adopt change management strategies and new technologies to attract specialized or highly skilled talent (75%), find talent that can do the work faster (62%), speed up talent acquisition (57%) and reduce reliance on costly brand-name consulting firms (40%)”.

Human resource professionals know all too well that retaining talent is crucial, since “Turnover costs range from an estimated 90% to 200% of a departing employee’s salary”.

The hospitality industry must take steps to find and keep the right candidates in order to build a successful team and keep costs low through good retention levels. This begins with providing excellent training, leadership, and identifying the best recruits for their team’s needs.

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Blog by: Gretta Brooks on March 18, 2019
Gretta Brooks
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