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Stress Mini Blog: Physically Focused

Zap Stress and Be Your Best Self


Company Culture is one of the main reasons SalesBoost is such a fantastic place to work. One thing that is a huge part of our culture is to always be your best self. Earlier this week, we posted a blog with the Top 10 Tips to Manage Stress Successfully, including great tips from all of our team members. But why only focus on managing stress for one day? Well, we aren’t! We have more tips and tricks coming your way.   


Let’s get physical, physical… so that we can conquer stress!


The moment you finish your never-ending to-do list, you may think you're free of stress once and for all. Wrong! Your to-do list is just a pretty blanket covering many more stressors. And stress… it is much more than what is on that list. It involves your mind and body – which we all should get in touch with a little better. There are many ways to overcome stress.  For me, I need to get physically relaxed and focused.



Breathing is the best way to clear my mind and to also lower my heart rate. Slow, deep breaths to be exact. That's why I love the notifications from my apple watch (seriously, if you have an apple watch, the breathing notifications are the best)! When I focus on deep breathing, my heart rate lowers, I'm able to focus, and it often results in solutions to any task I was originally stressed about.



Here are a few things to know about stretching:

Rolling your shoulders helps to physically loosen the tension that stress is causing. This is a simple go-to for those moments where you may not be able to get a full body stretch in.

• Stretching has been proven to increase blood flow throughout the body, including to the brain.

• Blood flow to the brain gives you the energy and focus needed to keep moving down your to-do list.

• Check out Stretching Exercises to Relieve Stress for some simple how-tos!


My last de-stressor is finding/doing something that I know will make me smile or at least feel happiness inside on those days where smiling may not come so naturally.

• While at work, I turn to singing or humming a feel-good song - usually an oldie that I know every single word!

• At home, I play with my kiddos. A child will never fail to make you smile at least once during the day. Don’t forget about the little things such as this. It is a bulletproof way to boost your spirit!


Everyone has stress, but the difference between us all is how we overcome it. I hope you are able to take away one helpful trick with our Stress Management Blog Mini-Series. If you missed Part 2, check it out to learn the power of going Radio Silent.



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Blog by: Kendall Hannon on April 18, 2019
Kendall Hannon
Kendall is an award-winning sales professional with 20 years of experience in both hotel sales as well as global sales. She is responsible for new account acquisition, onboarding organizations and users as well as delivering outstanding service and support to our existing customers. She has a passion for developing others and guiding individuals and organizations to achieve their greatest potential.