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Top 10 Tips to Manage Stress Successfully

Zap Stress and Be Your Best Self


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Let’s get one thing straight, stress does not control you. We all have let it affect us one way or another and often times there is a struggle to find that work/life balance. Once stress has the upper hand, every day can be an uphill battle. We lose sleep, we can’t focus or find time for interests outside of the workplace, our relationships slip, and even our immune systems can start to weaken.


I get it! Our lives are hectic and it’s hard to find that balance. Having a plan to deal with stress ahead of time helps manage how I react to stressors. I do my best to model the behaviors that I expect my team to exhibit. My go-to formula when managing stress is simple:

  1. Sleep: I make it a priority to sleep at least 8 hours a day.
  2. Exercise: Exercise is a natural de-stressor and I feel energized after I work out.
  3. Meditation: I also meditate at least an hour a day if not more.  It helps me learn how to stop my brain from running in a thousand directions.
  4. Laugh: Finding ways to laugh out loud daily is key. For me, my husband makes me laugh nearly every day and that makes all the difference to me.


It’s also very important to recognize that you do not have to do everything.  It’s okay to say no and take the time you need to get in the right mindset. 


Here at SalesBoost, one of our fundamental principles is that each of us bring our best-self to work, to our customers and to our community.  Our team members take it very seriously and strive to uphold this key principal that is at the heart of our SalesBoost culture. In honor of National Stress Awareness Day, we wanted to share a few of our favorite stress relief tips and tricks that help us bring our best selves:


“The biggest stress reliever for me is turning off all “the noise”.  When I go radio silent and turn everything off, I can be present and in the moment. This gives me clarity and my stress melts away.” – Kirsten


“I listen to music...I have a certain playlist that puts me in my happy place.  I’ve also been known to dance to relieve stress (as awkwardly as possible).”  – Carley


“Take a walk, listen to music, sleep and find humor.  Laughter is the best stress reliever!” – Casey


“When you recognize stress, roll your shoulders to loosen the stress and take deep breaths. It works like a charm.” – Kendall


“Deep breathing. It physically relaxes you, lowers your heart rate, helps you clear your head.” – Chris


“When I get really stressed, I just take a 30 minute breather, get my mind right, and dive back in.” – Leslie


“Focus on picking your battles and truly don't sweat the small stuff!!! When you do feel stressed or overwhelmed, a few tips that will help you as they help me; watch mindless 'TV', take a walk, or take a nap wearing a black out mask." - April


“Exercise! Whether it’s yoga, running, walking, stretching or another activity – get moving!  Exercise is a natural remedy to relieve stress.” Also check out the Calm app - it's a great relaxation and stress relief resource.” - Andrea


"Make time to incorporate activities that you enjoy; I play as much golf (relaxation) as I can, and I drive my old 911 competitively (adrenaline)." - Brooks


Stress happens! It’s important to know how to recognize it and how to manage it.  Because we believe you can never get too much advice on how to zap stress; check out this great blog by Heathline on 16 Simple Ways to Relieve Stress and Anxiety.


We hope you found the stress relief advice from the SalesBoost Team useful. Focus on bringing your best-self and you’ll see your stress start to melt away! 


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Blog by: Gretta Brooks on April 16, 2019
Gretta Brooks
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