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Your Very Own 30-Second Commercial

How to craft the perfect elevator pitch

Your very own 30-second commercial.jpgYour 30-second commercial can also be called your "elevator pitch." If you are in an elevator with someone and they ask what you do, you have 30 seconds or less to give an answer before the door opens. The same idea applies when you are presenting your hotel to a client.

You want to keep it brief and engaging; use this time as an opportunity to get your foot in the door when prospecting over the phone and when you are at networking events.

You will need to do a few things to create a successful 30-second commercial:

  • Have an opening statement. Simply state who you are and who you work for. Keep it simple.

  • Develop a challenge statement. This is your opportunity to let the potential client know you understand the challenge of finding a perfect venue for their meeting. If you have done your research, you will know what challenges they have.

  • Now it’s time for a positioning statement. This is your chance to give your potential client a clear reason why they might be interested in what you have to offer. Let the client know what differentiates your product or service from others.

  • Conclude your 30-second pitch by answering the question on their mind, "What's in it for me?"

  • And, don't forget to provide your contact information.

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Blog by: Gretta Brooks on June 13, 2017
Gretta Brooks
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