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"I like you" does not mean they'll buy from you.

People Buy from People they...

People_Buy_FB_050918_V1A classic line we've all heard is that people buy from people they like – that sounds right. People certainly want to work with people they like. But working with someone and buying something is not the same. 

People buy from someone they trust. In the hospitality business (as well as most others), customers are tasked with making major decisions that will ultimately affect their own career. No matter what the dollar amount is on the line, you can be the most affable sales associate in the industry, but if they don't trust you, you can be assured you'll never get that signature. 

Anyone can be likable for one meeting or even string a few together (It's called dating ;) ). What you can't fake is trust. The decision of whether or not to trust someone cannot be measured. It's a classic gut decision.

Let's take a customer who is choosing between two fictitious resorts for their annual company party: The Cove and The Palm. Both pitches and proposals are on point and the sales person from The Cove was clever, charming and was really fun over drinks. The Palm sales person was always prompt (even early at times) with delivering their proposal and with their responses.  Even though the customer "really" liked The Cove, in the end, the Palm just, "felt right." That feeling is trust. 

If you're still not sure, check an earlier post about building rapport. It's a great start.

Trust us.


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Blog by: Gretta Brooks on May 10, 2018
Gretta Brooks
Gretta Brooks, CEO & FounderGretta is a proven leader in the hospitality sales industry with 30+ years experience running three global sales organizations, leading award-winning hotel sales teams and earning numerous sales and service awards. She developed SalesBoost after years of searching for the most effective sales training for her sales teams and not finding it anywhere. She wanted training that would be interactive and fun, show immediate results, and give her team the ability to practice, practice, practice. With the idea in place, she brought together other experts to help create a comprehensive package that uniquely trains individuals through the entire sales process.