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Wellness Wednesday Motivation: What are your needs?

Posted by Salesboost on June 30, 2022
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Pomodoro Technique: The Science of Productivity

Posted by Salesboost on June 22, 2022
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5 Ways To Fit YOU Into Wellness Wednesday

Posted by Salesboost on June 15, 2022
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In an age abundant of social media love, side hustle glorification, and demanding 9-5’s where do you find your piece of happiness? When can you flip your switch for a mindful reset?

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Texas Business Minds Podcast: Inspiring Professional Success Featuring Gretta Brooks

Posted by Salesboost on June 09, 2022
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Gretta is a proven leader in the hospitality industry with 30+ years’ experience running three global sales organizations, leading award-winning hotel sales teams and earning numerous sales and service awards. In 2015, she founded SalesBoost, an online training solution that is revolutionizing learning and professional development. 

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SalesBoost In The News

Learn how you can access our On-Demand, Simulated Role-Playing Technology

Posted by Salesboost on December 18, 2017
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DALLAS--()--Gretta Brooks, founder and chief executive officer of SalesBoost, LLC, has developed a SaaS-based sales training technology solution that will improve performance and increase sales for the hotel and hospitality industry. The technology solution includes Ms. Brooks’ innovative and patent pending voice analysis training system software.

Boost #hotelsales confidence, performance with @salesboostllc new technology

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