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Soldier, Firefighter, Pilot, and Event Planner?

Event planner is the fifth most stressful job on the planet

Posted by Gretta Brooks on Jun 19, 2018 10:21:08 AM
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According to Forbes, the role of a meetings or event planner is number five on the list of most stressful jobs. It is also the highest ranking job that does not include (much) risk of bodily harm. So, if you exclude catching on fire, landing a 747 or being shot at, it's the most stressful job most of us could ever experience! 
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You Better Recognize!

Why recognition makes the workplace a happier place

Posted by Gretta Brooks on Jun 1, 2018 12:36:14 PM
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It would be safe to guess that the number one reason people leave their job is lack of compensation. But your guess would be wrong. 

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It takes one to appreciate one.

Happy Admin Day!

Posted by Leslie Dunn on Apr 25, 2018 12:36:56 PM
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 I have served as an administrative assistant. Often time I felt overwhelmed with tasks and responsibilities. However, to keep me going, all it took was a little encouragement from my boss and coworkers acknowledging that they saw the work I was doing and appreciated my commitment. This simple action fueled me and gave me the motivation to keep doing my best every day.

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