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The Smallest Investment with the Highest Returns

A simple investment now, can yield big time results later.

Posted by Gretta Brooks on May 30, 2018 11:13:24 AM
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“The tragedy of life is often not in our failure, but rather in our complacency"

All too often as professionals in the working world, we sit back and wait on our employers to put opportunities in front of us, grow our education, create happiness, or just wait to be directed. While it is important for your employer to care about you and help in these areas, you should also be putting forth effort to better yourself. In fact, it should be you driving your growth and development.  We can blame complacency in the work place on our employers, but if you're not willing to invest in you - why should anyone else? Here's seven simple ways you can (and should) invest in Y.O.U.:

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A Blast From The Past

How handwritten notes translate into sales

Posted by Gretta Brooks on Jul 25, 2017 9:30:00 AM
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When was the last time you received an actual handwritten thank you note from a friend or vendor? In today's technological world, the easiest thing to do is send a quick email or text. But taking the time to write a thank you note by hand gets you much further in the game.

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